Stunning Stick Masks!

Stunning Stick Masks!

All masquerade masks are beautiful and elegant creations, but there is something about adding a stick onto a masquerade mask that makes it that much more elegant and luxurious looking. At our mask company, we have many great stick mask styles. We also can put virtually any of our masks on a stick for you, including those that do not normally come on a stick. Adding a stick to a mask often gives it a new and unique look, which is why it is desirable for many people to do so.

Although masks on sticks are traditionally more suited for women, men can also wear a mask on a stick. Many people enjoy wearing a stick mask rather than a regular mask because they are able to carry the mask around and wear it at their leisure, such as when they are taking picture. Also, stick masks are great to carry around simply as an accessory at a party, and they can really add a certain flair to your outfit.

Another feature of wearing a stick mask rather than a regular mask with a headband is that with a stick mask, you will be able to hold it in front of but not directly on your face, which will prevent the ladies from messing up their makeup, and will not disturb the hair.

At our mask company, we sell many different styles of masks on sticks. Many of the styles we sell are perfect for a masquerade ball, masquerade sweet 16, masquerade wedding, or other event. In fact, stick masks are by far the most popular choice for masquerade parties.

In our stick masks, we like to use the best materials, big feathers, and beautiful designs. Take a look at these pictures of just a few of the great masks on sticks that we carry, and please come visit our website to see even more unique styles. You are sure to find something beautiful to meet your needs!

5 Great Tips for Making Your Masquerade Ball a Success!

Masquerade balls are very popular right now, and for good reason. They are fun, they are unique and different, and best of all, people love to dress up for once and wear a special mask that really accents their outfits and makes them look great.

At our masquerade mask company, we create masks for many masquerade balls all year round. When planning a masquerade ball, there are certain things that you should know before going into the process of picking and choosing the masks, color schemes, and planning of your event. In this article, I will outline 5 great, quick tips that will help you to choose some great masquerade masks for your event, and make your masquerade ball a great success!

5 Tips for a Great Masquerade Ball:

  1. Decide on 1 to 3 colors that you will stick with as a theme for your masquerade ball: It is best to choose a few nice colors that go well together and then stick to those colors when choosing your masks.
  2. Tell your guests to dress in the same colors as their masks: When everyone at a masquerade ball is dressed to match their masks, it really is a sight to behold and makes for an extremely memorable experience.
  3. Always get a few more masks than you think you’ll need: So often at our masquerade mask company we hear regrets from customers about not having enough masks to supply everyone at their masquerade ball. Don’t make the same mistake…..always get extras!
  4. Choose a mask company that is knowledgeable and can create the high quality, beautiful masks that your guests deserve! Choosing a great mask company to create your masks will have the biggest impact on the success of your event. Choose wisely!
  5. As the host, make sure your mask is the biggest and the best! : You are putting alot of work and love into your masquerade ball, and you are the host, so make sure everyone knows it!

Keeping these tips in mind can really have an impact on the success of your masquerade ball. Please contact us if you would like further information on how you can make your masquerade ball a night to remember!

Scary Masks Are One of Our Specialties!

Scary masks for Halloween are a favorite for many people. Still, many people are tired of the same old hot, sweaty rubber masks that make up 90% of the scary masks that you see in stores. These people want a cool, unique looking scary mask that nobody has seen before, and that is comfortable to wear.

If you are one of these people who wants a unique, handmade scary mask, you’re in the right place! At our masquerade mask company, we have many different styles of scary masks which look really great and are guaranteed to turn some heads and make some people scream! Hand-painted with special glitter paint, these original designs of scary masks that you can see at our site cannot be found elsewhere. You will stand out from the crowd and be able to take pride in the fact that rather than a plastic mass-produced mask, your mask is a high-quality fabric mask, hand-painted by a professional mask-maker in the U.S.A.

As you can see, these masks have a great effect on them that can only be achieved with a handmade mask. The hand-painting that is done on these masks by our designers is what really gives these masks their unique, scary look. The pictures don’t even do them justice… person, the blood on these masks looks like its shining and wet!

Sure to satisfy the biggest Halloween mask fanatics out there, give one of these great, scary masks a try!

(Don’t forget to check out some of the other great styles we have at our masquerade mask website as well! )

How to Choose the Right Masquerade Mask Company for Your Event

So, you have an event coming up, and you’ve decided that you want to make it a masquerade ball. Great choice! Masquerade balls are unique, engaging, fun events that separate you from all of the average, hum-drum dinner parties that people are used to attending.

After the decision is made to host a masquerade ball, now comes the hard part……choosing the right mask company to create the masks for your event.


As you surf the Internet, looking for the perfect company to make your masquerade ball a success, you are likely to come across a few different mask companies. Several of them look very similar, and offer nice masks. Since you probably do not have a deep knowledge of masquerade masks, you may be tempted to choose one of the first companies that you find.

At first glance, it may seem that any company will do. But a deeper look into what makes a company right for your event raises questions about what qualifies many of these companies to have the privilege of your business.


Many companies make masks……but very few are of the high caliber that you are looking for when planning your event. Even fewer have the knowledge or expertise to truly make your masquerade ball a success.

So, what qualifies a mask company as a masquerade ball specialist?

There are several things that separate a run-of-the-mill mask company from a company that truly knows how to create a successful event. The right mask company should:

  • Have experience and knowledge within the party planning industry, not simply be a mask manufacturer
  • Understand the differences in quality, material, and design between a regular mask and a true masquerade mask
  • Should not be a mass manufacturer of masks and party goods, but rather a smaller, more specialized mask company
  • Be able to give you personalized service and assist you in choosing everything from a color scheme to a mask shape and design to match the theme of your event
  • Offer customized masks and original designs upon request
  • Have in-house designers and specialists that understand what a customer is looking for, not just employees who have never touched the product

When you look for a company to create masks for your event, these requirements should be at the forefront of your mind before you make your final decision.


Now that you have taken the preceding requirements that I just laid out for you and thought about them, do the companies that you have been considering measure up?

While any company can make masks, this does not qualify them as masquerade ball specialists. In fact, the truth is that many companies do not have the specialized expertise or hands-on customer service that is required for them to be able to serve you in the way that you deserve.

Many of the companies that you will find on the Internet are mass-producers of unoriginal designs that they themselves have not created. Also, many of these larger companies do not have in-house designers with extensive knowledge of the masquerade style of masks. Even more worrisome is that as a larger, less specialized company, many are forced to sacrifice quality for quantity, using cheap materials and masks.

While I do not mean to undermine our competitors, I outline these facts to illustrate an important point: When choosing a mask company to create masks for your event, only a company that specializes in masquerade masks will do.


Success Creations is a remarkable masquerade mask company in many respects. The most notable reason why we are unique is that we are a masquerade mask specialist. Since 1982, we have been creating unique, original designs that are unmatched by any other company. Just a few reasons why we are uniquely qualified as masquerade specialists are:

  • We have in-house designers with years of hands-on experience with masquerade masks
  • We import our masks (the base masks; we decorate in-house) from the best Italian manufacturer, from the birthplace of the masquerade style
  • We only use the highest-quality materials
  • We are customer service enthusiasts, able to assist you in choosing the right masks for your event
  • We offer customized designs upon request
  • We pride ourselves on being a small company based in the USA, able to offer the specialized care and quality that you deserve


Choosing a mask company is an important decision……the quality of your event, as well as your reputation, are reliant upon how well-received your masks are. No matter what company you choose, please make sure that you check on the qualifications of the company, and make sure that they truly are a masquerade mask specialist. The success of your event depends on it!

Our Unique Mask-Making Process

Here at our masquerade mask company, Success Creations, we take great pride in the fact that we are the only masquerade mask company in the USA that creates our own unique designs and manufactures each piece by hand. This is extremely unique and rare, especially considering the fact that the vast majority of masks are mass produced in foreign countries.

Over time, we have developed a special process for creating our masquerade masks, which we have found to work very well for us, while delivering the maximum quality and value to each customer. In this post, I will go over the process that we use, and illustrate why a hand-made Success Creations masquerade mask is a must-have for anybody in need of a great masquerade mask.


A lot of love and work goes into creating one of our masquerade masks.

First, we import the base mask from Italy. We use only the finest quality masks, made from a firm but flexible material which resembles thick fabric. Depending on the type of mask, they either have a shiny or glossy sheen, a glitter finish, or simply a fabric covering. All of the masks come with a soft, felt backing for ultimate comfort and wearability. Also, all masks not on sticks have either elegant ribbon ties or an adjustable band that will fit any head.

Next, we create completely unique and original designs for the masks, either with our in-house designers or a special design consultant that we work with. We try to come up with masks that are truly one-of-a-kind and extremely pleasing to the eye, as well as comfortable and practical to wear to an event or function.

Once the design for a new mask has been decided, we begin the process of creating the new masquerade mask, testing and trying different materials and determining what the best colors, feathers, jewels, etc. would make the new mask the best that it can be.

We have a great supplier of high quality, real feathers that we use in many of our masks. Some of the feathers that we use are ostrich, peacock, and coque, as well as several others. Using these real feathers gives our masks a very illustrious, genuine quality that cannot be found elsewhere. In addition, we only use the highest quality trims, fabrics, jewels, and other materials to create our masquerade masks.

After the final draft of the mask is complete, and we have determined the design and materials to be used, one of our in-house designers will create the mask by hand from scratch. They take the ‘base’ mask, and then go to work applying the different materials to the mask, whether it be paint, jewels, trims, feathers, or another material. Once the mask is complete, it is double-checked for quality and consistency, and it is made sure that each mask lives up to the highest standards.

The final product is then given to another associate who is trained in quality control and careful packing procedures. He will take the mask, check it once again to make sure that it is up to par, and then package the mask with extreme care. Because the masks are handmade with real feathers and other materials, we understand the need to carefully package each mask carefully and cautiously.

The final result of this process is a beautiful, handmade, unique creation that you will want to keep and cherish for years to come.


There are several ways that our unique mask-making process benefits the customer:

  • The first way that our process helps you is that by having a mask that is a totally unique design, you can be confident that when you show up at your event or party, you will be the only person wearing that particular mask.
  • Secondly, our masks are handmade and extremely high quality. If you look at anything of high quality, from cars to watches, all the top brands are handmade. This is because a mass-produced product can never have the attention to detail and precision craftsmanship that a handmade product possesses. This is the main reason why our product is so unique.
  • Finally, this process benefits the customer by ensuring them that only the best materials have gone into their mask, giving them the best value for their money.

We take great pride in our reputation as one of the highest-quality mask manufacturers in the world. Creating beautiful, hand-made masks is our business, and we would love to work with you to find the right mask to fit your occasion. Please visit our contact page or go to our masquerade mask website for more information.

Why Each of Our Masquerade Masks is a Specialty Item

Here at our masquerade mask company, Success Creations, we have many satisfied customers who love and enjoy our masks long after their event or party is over. In fact, owning a beautiful masquerade mask is a pleasure and an indulgence that makes owning a unique, quality piece well-sought after.

Since we are the only company on the internet that actually designs our own masks and creates each of them individually by hand, our line of masquerade masks is second to none in terms of quality and originality. Each mask is as special to us as it is to our customers.


Although many of our customers buy masks for a specific occasion, there are some who buy them simply for their beauty and the special feeling that owning a unique masquerade mask brings.

Many people love to display our masks on their walls as decorations and use them to add color and character to their homes. Also, they make beautiful centerpieces for dinner parties and other occasions, and act as a great conversation piece, due to the inevitable questions that follow when guests see such a unique, stunning specialty item.

Still others love to give our masks as gifts because of their rare nature and broad appeal. They know that anyone can appreciate and enjoy a beautiful masquerade mask.

Aside from these popular uses, our masks are used all the time for many special purposes, such as a party favor for guests at an event or function.


Success Creations has been designing and decorating fine quality masquerade masks since 1982. We are very proud of the work and precision that we put into each of our masks. Each piece is the product of a thorough process, creating a mask which is a truly unique and beautiful work of art.

The real reason why our masks are considered specialty items is because of the unique process that we use to create them, and because they are handmade from scratch with the finest materials. Our 25+ years of experience and extensive knowledge of mask design and craftsmanship show through in each of our beautiful creations.

If you look at anything of the highest quality, any product of high standards, it is usually handmade by master craftsman who are able to give each piece the attention to detail that it deserves. That is the service that we bring to our customers…..a handmade product that meets the highest expectations.

These are the reasons why, rather than being a wear-once-and-forget-about-it mask, our masquerade masks are specialty items that our customers cherish and enjoy for years.

Please visit our masquerade mask company here.