Silver Masquerade Masks

Silver Masquerade Masks

B-0177S DIVA FIXEDSilver masquerade masks are a very popular choice for many people who are planning to attend a masquerade ball.  There are several reasons why this color is so popular for masked balls, aside from the fact that silver looks great on a lot of people!  In this article, I will quickly give a few reasons why silver is a great color for anyone to wear in their mask or their outfit for a masquerade ball.

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First of all, silver is a very neutral color, and it goes great with lots of other colors, which is always a good thing.  It blends well and compliments many other colors, like red, gold, black, white, and the list goes on.  This is the main reason for it’s popularity for masquerade masks.

Also, silver masquerade masks are great because the color is very classy, and gives a masked ball the atmosphere and ambiance of a very classy and elegant affair. Silver and black is one of the most common color schemes for a masquerade ball, especially during the New Years Eve season. It is just a color that you can’t really go wrong with!

Basically, wearing a silver masquerade mask, especially if you pair it nicely with your outfit and use it to contrast with another primary color, will make you look amazing and stand out for your event!

Halloween Weddings Are A Great Theme!


A-2539W JILLIAN clean ARMany engaged couples these days are foregoing the traditional wedding ceremony in favor of a themed wedding that features a different kind of atmosphere, and is more interesting, fun, and unique for themselves and their guests.  Because of this, themed weddings are becoming more and more popular nowadays.  Still, there seems to be a shortage of really good wedding themes that don’t come off too tacky or overdone.  Luckily, masquerade weddings masks and Halloween weddings are some of the best wedding themes that a creative couple can choose, for several reasons.  In this article, I will briefly go over why I believe that a Halloween wedding theme could be right for you, and I will also cover a few of the ways that you can make yours a successful one!

Basically, a Halloween wedding is one that is held on Halloween, and that features either costumes, masks, or both.  These costumes and masks do not have to be scary or gory, mind you, because they can also be elegant and stylish looking, more like a masquerade wedding, which are also oftentimes held on Halloween.  Also, the decor of the wedding is usually styled in a Halloween or masquerade type of way, and it is wise to try to match the decor and atmosphere of the wedding to the costumes and masks.

Halloween weddings are great fun for everybody who attends them for several reasons.  First of all, just about everybody loves to put on a mask or costume from time to time and forget themselves for a little while.  It is alot of fun to get to pretend for a bit, and also to compare and contrast everybody’s outfits.  Half of the fun is to just look around the whole time!

Also, these types of weddings are just so unique and entertaining that they will be remembered by everyone in attendance for years to come.  After all, how many people can say that they have attended a Halloween wedding in their lifetime?!?  This is a large part of the appeal of these types of wedding themes.

Lastly, especially if you are throwing a masquerade wedding or a Halloween wedding with masquerade masks, the masks for the bride and the wedding party will be beautiful and illustrious looking, which makes for great atmosphere and pictures.

So, now that I have told you a few of the reasons why having a Halloween themed weddings are fun and unique, I will give just a few quick tips on how to make yours a success (should you choose to have one).

First of all, as I stated earlier in this article, you will want to make sure that you decide right away the exact level of scaryness and Halloween-iness :) you would like to make your wedding.  They can be as tame and elegant as a classical masquerade ball wedding, or they can be full on ghosts and goblins.  It is entirely up to you.  Then, you will want to make sure that you instruct your guests to try to closely match their costumes and masks to the decor and atmosphere of the ceremony/reception.  This way, everything is congruent and looks great together.

Also, try to put as much effort into making your Halloween wedding masks the best that they can be, because that will be a large factor in how well the whole thing goes down.  It is always better to spend a little more on the masks than you would like to, because if you skimp on quality, you may regret it for the rest of your life!  Some brides are even wearing their wedding masks in conjunction with their bridal headpieces to create an even cooler, trendier style.
Lastly, do some research on Halloween weddings (pictures especially) and try to come up with very original ideas for both large and small details, like the favors, the cake, and even the band.  It’s all in the details!

I hope that these tips have shown you a few of the reasons why a Halloween wedding is worth considering if you are looking for a unique wedding theme, and I also hope that you have learned a few pointers that will help you make your Halloween wedding a great success!

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The Benefits of White Masquerade Masks

White masquerade masks are an extremely popular choice for many men and women who are attending masquerade balls, proms, weddings, and other events.  White, of course is a beautiful color, and it is very striking and perfect for making a statement with your outfit.  When you wear white, it seems to make your outfit just glow, and all eyes are on you.  Therefore, a white masquerade mask is perfect for leaving a lasting impression on the other party goers at your event.

Also, in addition to just being a great color for masks in general, white is perfect for the bride in a masquerade wedding.  Interestingly, these masquerade themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular, making the demand for white masquerade masks even greater.

Often, the bride of a masquerade wedding will have a white mask with extravagant and gorgeous white ostrich and coque feathers.  These luxurious looking feathers are great for giving a mask a large, illustrious, and eye-catching look.

Another great benefit of choosing a white masquerade mask to wear to your event is that white is a great matching color.  It goes with nearly any other color that you may be wearing, which saves you from the headaches of trying to match the vivid colors of your dress to your mask.  You can be certain that if you wear a white masquerade mask, it will beautifully compliment your dress and other accessories.

Lastly, because of their popularity, you have a wide selection of white masks to choose from, which makes the sometimes brain-racking task of finding that perfect mask just a bit easier.  White is always in style, and gives you a look of elegance and sophistication that is envied by all.  Many people these days are even incorporating bridal tiaras into their masquerade weddings, and using them to compliment their masks.

Overall, if you have a masquerade ball or masquerade wedding in the near future, wearing a white masquerade mask is a great choice!

Masquerade Prom Dresses and Your Masquerade Mask

This Gorgeous Stick Mask is called Victoria in Gold

This time of year, many young women are trying to plan out and match up their masquerade prom dresses to their masks for their masquerade ball themed proms.  This can be a daunting task, as it can be difficult to perfectly match up the vivid colors of your dress to the colors of your mask.  In this article, I will outline a few tips that I have picked up over the years for finding a good balance and match between your masquerade prom dress and the masquerade mask that you choose.

First of all, it is important to choose a masquerade mask company that has a good, reliable track record of creating high quality masks. This is crucial to your entire look and outfit for your prom, because if your masquerade mask doesn’t look good, it will make the rest of your outfit look bad as well.  You can have the best masquerade prom dress in the room, but if your mask looks bad, it doesn’t matter. Therefore, do your research and find a company that has a great selection of beautiful masquerade prom masks.

Secondly, I want to warn you a bit against trying to perfectly match the color of your masquerade mask to the colors in your masquerade prom dress. It can be extremely difficult to find a perfect match between your mask and your dress, especially with pastels and other colors.  Often, you will order a mask from a company and receive it, only to find that it does not match well.  In order to avoid this, try to only match the primary colors in your dress, rather than the secondary colors.  For instance, if you have a gold and teal dress, do not search for months trying to find the perfect teal mask. It will be much easier and probably even look better to just match the gold dress to a gold masquerade mask. This will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

Overall, having a masquerade ball themed prom is a wonderful experience.  If you want to have a great time, make sure that you follow my advice when it comes to matching up your wonderful Masquerade Prom dresses from La Femme to your masquerade mask!

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Masquerade Prom Masks

Masquerade proms are becoming very popular in the United States and other countries right now. This is because having a masquerade themed prom is a unique, memorable, special event that is enjoyable for a

ll. Masquerade ball proms are very elegant and lots of fun, and who doesn’t enjoy wearing a beautiful masquerade prom mask?

Reasons to Choose a Masquerade Ball Prom Theme

There are many great reasons to choose a masquerade ball theme for your prom.

Proms with a masquerade theme get to stand out by the shear uniqueness of a masked ball prom. The masks are beautiful, elegant, and serve as great mementos long after the event is over.

Also, there is a certain novelty that a masquerade ball has that other prom themes just can’t match. Everyone loves the illustrious, mysterious feeling that attending a masked ball brings, and a masked ball prom is no different. In addition, the pictures of the attendees wearing their masks look beautiful and luxurious. All of your friends will get jealous when you tell them that your prom was a masquerade prom!

Finally, the best reason to choose a masquerade theme for your prom is because there is nothing more enjoyable for the guests, the young women and men, than dressing up in their beautiful masquerade masks. At our masquerade mask company, we handle many masquerade proms, and we often hear back from our satisfied customers that they have been the best prom celebrations that the school has ever had.

Tips for a Great Masquerade Prom

Over the years, Success Creations has provided beautiful masks for many masquerade themed proms. With this experience, we have accumulated some great tips that will ensure that your prom is successful as well. In the following points, we will share our top tips for making your masquerade ball prom a successful event that your students will remember for the rest of their lives!

  1. Choose a color scheme of between 1-3 colors.  This is the best way to have a cohesive, wonderfully aesthetic event.  When the colors of the masks and the outfits of the prom-goers combine, especially in pictures, it is a truly beautiful sight.
  2. Choose a variety of masks.  Prom-goers, especially the women, love to have unique, individual masks that make them feel special and different, yet gorgeous and elegant.  Choosing a wide variety of masks ensures that the girls at your masquerade prom are satisfied, and don’t feel like everyone else has their mask as well!
  3. Consider using the masks as table decorations for your masquerade prom.  Our masks look wonderful as table decor, and really compliment the atmosphere of a masquerade ball prom.  Get creative with the masks and the theme of your prom!

These are just a few of the tips that we have to offer to help you plan a great masquerade ball prom.  If you are interested in any of our wonderful masquerade mask styles, or would like to have us advise you on your masquerade prom, please contact us.  We have been the number one source for beautiful, handmade masquerade prom masks for years, and would love to help you!

Tips for a Great Sweet 16 Masquerade Mask Ball

Nowadays, throwing a masquerade mask ball for a girl’s sweet 16 birthday party is very popular.  People love to wear the beautiful masquerade masks with large, colorful feathers.  Having a sweet 16 masquerade ball is a fun , unique way to celebrate.

Most people like to use different masks for the boys, girls, and the birthday girl when celebrating a sweet 16  party as a masquerade ball.  Normally, the men wear a simple masquerade mask.  The female attendees usually wear a beautiful stick mask, often matching the color of the men’s masks.  Finally, the birthday girl usually wears a much larger, more illustrious masquerade stick mask, often with large feathers and beautiful materials.

When planning a masquerade sweet 16, it is important to choose a masquerade mask company that is knowledgeable about planning a sweet 16 masquerade ball.  An experienced company will be able to help you with choosing the color scheme, tell you which type of masks would fit your event best, and even help you to design a custom masquerade mask if you so desire.

Spread throughout this article there are several pictures of our most popular masquerade masks for sweet 16’s.  Some people prefer them with less decoration, and others prefer a bright, colorful mask with large feathers.  Any of these wonderful masquerade masks would be a wonderful piece to wear to a sweet 16 masquerade ball.

Please read this article about choosing a masquerade mask company to help you plan your event before you begin the process of choosing a masquerade mask company or planning the details of the masquerade masks.  You will learn some important tips that anyone who is planning a masquerade ball or masquerade sweet 16 should know.

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Check Out These Beautiful Model Pictures of Our Masquerade Masks!

Our masquerade mask company, Success Creations, has just done a photo shoot for a few of our masquerade masks and stick masks with a gorgeous model, and we think they came out looking great! We plan on integrating them with our website shortly, and possibly using them in promotions, ads and catalogs in the future. You can see some of the shots we took below:

As you can see, the photographs came out very well, and we are pleased with them.  It is always much better to see the mask being worn by an actual person rather than just by itself.  We think that these shots really do the masks justice.

The name of the masquerade mask in the picture on the top is Josephine, and the name of the beautiful masquerade stick mask below is Victoria, which is a very beautiful Quinceanera masquerade mask.     


We hope that you can really see the great quality and hand-craftsmanship that goes into these masks in these pictures.  As you can see, our masquerade masks will really make you the belle of the ball!  These particular styles are excellent for masquerade balls, Quinceaneras, masquerade Sweet 16’s, and other events.

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Planning a New Years Masquerade Ball?

For New Years Eve, masquerade balls are very popular events. Wearing beautiful masquerade masks and New Years celebrations just seem to go hand in hand. At our masquerade mask company, we handle dozens of masquerade balls for the holiday season.

Generally, the most popular colors for New Years parties tend to be black and white, and black and silver. Also, people enjoy using stick masks for these events because they can be worn intermittently and held as accessories for a woman’s gown. Holding a gorgeous masquerade mask on a stick will make any woman look extremely elegant and stylish.

If you are thinking of planning a masquerade ball for New Years Eve, here are a few tips that will help the planning and execution of your event go very smoothly for you.

New Years Eve Masquerade Ball Tips

Firstly, if you are planning a masquerade ball, it is good to pick out a color scheme for both the decor of the event, the masks, and the dress code for the guests. It is advisable to tell your guests on the invitation that they will be required to wear only the colors that you have chosen, such as black and silver. Having the masks, the guests, and the venue all in matching colors will give your masquerade ball a look of class, elegance, and congruence that will surely make for a great experience.

Next, don’t wait until the last minute for to choose and order your masks. It is not a decision that you want to rush. Also, all of the good masquerade mask companies are usually backed up around New Years Eve, and many will not be able to get you your masks in time if wait until the last minute to order. You want to choose a masquerade mask specialist to create your masks and give them enough time(usually at least 1-2 weeks) to get them to you before your big day.

Lastly, choose masquerade masks that will truly give your event a look of class and quality. People love a great masquerade mask, and many will hold onto their masks for a long time as party favors. Make sure that you give them a memorable experience and a night to remember!

If you need assistance planning your masquerade masks for your New Years Eve masquerade ball, please visit our site and contact us. We are the best in the business, with over 25 years of masquerade ball experience!

Beautiful Feather Masks Will Liven Up Any Event!

Here at our mask company, Success Creations, we use many types of feathers in all different shapes and sizes for many of our masks. In fact, most of our most popular styles are feather masks.

A good feather mask is truly stunning to see in person. Large, beautiful feathers gives the mask a luxurious, illustrious look that is very pleasing to the eye.

We have several types of real feathers that we use in creating our feather masks. There are ostrich feathers, which are large and full, and range in length anywhere from 8 inches to 24 inches long. Then there are coque feathers, thick and shiny and beautiful.

After that we have peacock feathers, which come in two types. There are peacock plumes which have the gorgeous purple and green ‘eye’ in them, which is very desirable for beautiful masks. Then, there are peacock spears, which are long and thin, and colored in black and brown stripes.

We also have feather masks that are made of many types of gorgeous feathers attached in a beautiful design to a base mask. The feathers in these types of masks cover the basic mask completely, and give the mask a stunning look of many feathers arranged in a special pattern.

All of the feathers that we carry come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, and are quality-checked to ensure that we only give our customers the best feathers available.

Customizing Feather Masks

One of the advantages of being a small company with personalized service is that we can make changes to many of our feather masks on the fly to meet your individual needs. Although we are limited to the colors and types of feathers that we have available, we would be happy to make changes to certain masks, for instance putting burgundy feather in the place of a black feather, or replacing ostrich feathers with coque, etc.

A great feather mask can truly liven up any event, and make you stand out from the crowd at any masquerade ball or other party or function.

Please contact us or visit our mask website to see more of our beautiful feather masks. You will surely be amazed at our wide selection!

Stunning Stick Masks!

All masquerade masks are beautiful and elegant creations, but there is something about adding a stick onto a masquerade mask that makes it that much more elegant and luxurious looking. At our mask company, we have many great stick mask styles. We also can put virtually any of our masks on a stick for you, including those that do not normally come on a stick. Adding a stick to a mask often gives it a new and unique look, which is why it is desirable for many people to do so.

Although masks on sticks are traditionally more suited for women, men can also wear a mask on a stick. Many people enjoy wearing a stick mask rather than a regular mask because they are able to carry the mask around and wear it at their leisure, such as when they are taking picture. Also, stick masks are great to carry around simply as an accessory at a party, and they can really add a certain flair to your outfit.

Another feature of wearing a stick mask rather than a regular mask with a headband is that with a stick mask, you will be able to hold it in front of but not directly on your face, which will prevent the ladies from messing up their makeup, and will not disturb the hair.

At our mask company, we sell many different styles of masks on sticks. Many of the styles we sell are perfect for a masquerade ball, masquerade sweet 16, masquerade wedding, or other event. In fact, stick masks are by far the most popular choice for masquerade parties.

In our stick masks, we like to use the best materials, big feathers, and beautiful designs. Take a look at these pictures of just a few of the great masks on sticks that we carry, and please come visit our website to see even more unique styles. You are sure to find something beautiful to meet your needs!