Halloween Weddings Are A Great Theme!

Halloween Weddings Are A Great Theme!


A-2539W JILLIAN clean ARMany engaged couples these days are foregoing the traditional wedding ceremony in favor of a themed wedding that features a different kind of atmosphere, and is more interesting, fun, and unique for themselves and their guests.  Because of this, themed weddings are becoming more and more popular nowadays.  Still, there seems to be a shortage of really good wedding themes that don’t come off too tacky or overdone.  Luckily, masquerade weddings masks and Halloween weddings are some of the best wedding themes that a creative couple can choose, for several reasons.  In this article, I will briefly go over why I believe that a Halloween wedding theme could be right for you, and I will also cover a few of the ways that you can make yours a successful one!

Basically, a Halloween wedding is one that is held on Halloween, and that features either costumes, masks, or both.  These costumes and masks do not have to be scary or gory, mind you, because they can also be elegant and stylish looking, more like a masquerade wedding, which are also oftentimes held on Halloween.  Also, the decor of the wedding is usually styled in a Halloween or masquerade type of way, and it is wise to try to match the decor and atmosphere of the wedding to the costumes and masks.

Halloween weddings are great fun for everybody who attends them for several reasons.  First of all, just about everybody loves to put on a mask or costume from time to time and forget themselves for a little while.  It is alot of fun to get to pretend for a bit, and also to compare and contrast everybody’s outfits.  Half of the fun is to just look around the whole time!

Also, these types of weddings are just so unique and entertaining that they will be remembered by everyone in attendance for years to come.  After all, how many people can say that they have attended a Halloween wedding in their lifetime?!?  This is a large part of the appeal of these types of wedding themes.

Lastly, especially if you are throwing a masquerade wedding or a Halloween wedding with masquerade masks, the masks for the bride and the wedding party will be beautiful and illustrious looking, which makes for great atmosphere and pictures.

So, now that I have told you a few of the reasons why having a Halloween themed weddings are fun and unique, I will give just a few quick tips on how to make yours a success (should you choose to have one).

First of all, as I stated earlier in this article, you will want to make sure that you decide right away the exact level of scaryness and Halloween-iness :) you would like to make your wedding.  They can be as tame and elegant as a classical masquerade ball wedding, or they can be full on ghosts and goblins.  It is entirely up to you.  Then, you will want to make sure that you instruct your guests to try to closely match their costumes and masks to the decor and atmosphere of the ceremony/reception.  This way, everything is congruent and looks great together.

Also, try to put as much effort into making your Halloween wedding masks the best that they can be, because that will be a large factor in how well the whole thing goes down.  It is always better to spend a little more on the masks than you would like to, because if you skimp on quality, you may regret it for the rest of your life!  Some brides are even wearing their wedding masks in conjunction with their bridal headpieces to create an even cooler, trendier style.
Lastly, do some research on Halloween weddings (pictures especially) and try to come up with very original ideas for both large and small details, like the favors, the cake, and even the band.  It’s all in the details!

I hope that these tips have shown you a few of the reasons why a Halloween wedding is worth considering if you are looking for a unique wedding theme, and I also hope that you have learned a few pointers that will help you make your Halloween wedding a great success!

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