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Check Out These Beautiful Model Pictures of Our Masquerade Masks!

Our masquerade mask company, Success Creations, has just done a photo shoot for a few of our masquerade masks and stick masks with a gorgeous model, and we think they came out looking great! We plan on integrating them with our website shortly, and possibly using them in promotions, ads and catalogs in the future. You can see some of the shots we took below:

As you can see, the photographs came out very well, and we are pleased with them.  It is always much better to see the mask being worn by an actual person rather than just by itself.  We think that these shots really do the masks justice.

The name of the masquerade mask in the picture on the top is Josephine, and the name of the beautiful masquerade stick mask below is Victoria, which is a very beautiful Quinceanera masquerade mask.     


We hope that you can really see the great quality and hand-craftsmanship that goes into these masks in these pictures.  As you can see, our masquerade masks will really make you the belle of the ball!  These particular styles are excellent for masquerade balls, Quinceaneras, masquerade Sweet 16′s, and other events.

Please check out our masquerade mask website to see more gorgeous styles!

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