Beautiful Quinceanera Masks!

Beautiful Quinceanera Masks!

Here at our masquerade mask company, we are specialists at helping people to find wonderful Quinceanera masks for their special Quinceanos parties.  We know that a Quinceanos is a very important and special time for a young Latino girl, and our high-quality masks never dissapoint.

A Quinceanos is a special celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday in the Latino culture, similar to a Sweet 16 party.  Many people choose to use beautiful feather masks and masquerade masks to heighten their celebration.  Often, people use stick masks for the girls in the party, and then choose a very special mask with large feathers and decorations on it for the Quinceanera herself, the birthday girl.

Red is a popular color of masks and feathers for the Quinceanera, because it represents woman-hood.  We have several masks that are very popular for Quinceaneras, such as the mask pictured to the right, which is called Spanish Rose.  Also, we often take some of our masquerade masks and make them with all red feathers and decorations, specifically for a Quinceaneros celebration.

Quinceanos parties are wonderful, joyous celebrations full of music, food, drink, and dancing, and our beautiful masks are a very special addition to the event.  Our beautiful Quinceanera masks make the birthday girl feel elegant, beautiful, and special.  Also, having a beautiful masquerade mask is a great party favor for the guests, and a wonderful memento and keepsake of the Quinceanera’s special day.

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