Stunning Stick Masks!

Stunning Stick Masks!

All masquerade masks are beautiful and elegant creations, but there is something about adding a stick onto a masquerade mask that makes it that much more elegant and luxurious looking. At our mask company, we have many great stick mask styles. We also can put virtually any of our masks on a stick for you, including those that do not normally come on a stick. Adding a stick to a mask often gives it a new and unique look, which is why it is desirable for many people to do so.

Although masks on sticks are traditionally more suited for women, men can also wear a mask on a stick. Many people enjoy wearing a stick mask rather than a regular mask because they are able to carry the mask around and wear it at their leisure, such as when they are taking picture. Also, stick masks are great to carry around simply as an accessory at a party, and they can really add a certain flair to your outfit.

Another feature of wearing a stick mask rather than a regular mask with a headband is that with a stick mask, you will be able to hold it in front of but not directly on your face, which will prevent the ladies from messing up their makeup, and will not disturb the hair.

At our mask company, we sell many different styles of masks on sticks. Many of the styles we sell are perfect for a masquerade ball, masquerade sweet 16, masquerade wedding, or other event. In fact, stick masks are by far the most popular choice for masquerade parties.

In our stick masks, we like to use the best materials, big feathers, and beautiful designs. Take a look at these pictures of just a few of the great masks on sticks that we carry, and please come visit our website to see even more unique styles. You are sure to find something beautiful to meet your needs!