Beautiful Feather Masks Will Liven Up Any Event!

Beautiful Feather Masks Will Liven Up Any Event!

Here at our mask company, Success Creations, we use many types of feathers in all different shapes and sizes for many of our masks. In fact, most of our most popular styles are feather masks.

A good feather mask is truly stunning to see in person. Large, beautiful feathers gives the mask a luxurious, illustrious look that is very pleasing to the eye.

We have several types of real feathers that we use in creating our feather masks. There are ostrich feathers, which are large and full, and range in length anywhere from 8 inches to 24 inches long. Then there are coque feathers, thick and shiny and beautiful.

After that we have peacock feathers, which come in two types. There are peacock plumes which have the gorgeous purple and green ‘eye’ in them, which is very desirable for beautiful masks. Then, there are peacock spears, which are long and thin, and colored in black and brown stripes.

We also have feather masks that are made of many types of gorgeous feathers attached in a beautiful design to a base mask. The feathers in these types of masks cover the basic mask completely, and give the mask a stunning look of many feathers arranged in a special pattern.

All of the feathers that we carry come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, and are quality-checked to ensure that we only give our customers the best feathers available.

Customizing Feather Masks

One of the advantages of being a small company with personalized service is that we can make changes to many of our feather masks on the fly to meet your individual needs. Although we are limited to the colors and types of feathers that we have available, we would be happy to make changes to certain masks, for instance putting burgundy feather in the place of a black feather, or replacing ostrich feathers with coque, etc.

A great feather mask can truly liven up any event, and make you stand out from the crowd at any masquerade ball or other party or function.

Please contact us or visit our mask website to see more of our beautiful feather masks. You will surely be amazed at our wide selection!